Sash Window Renovation, Brighton & Hove

Custom sash windows in Brighton, Hove and Sussex

We’re sash window specialists and have vast experience of making beautiful handmade wooden sash windows. We make them from either soft or hardwood for homes and commercial buildings across Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

Whether you’re looking for bespoke wooden sash windows for a new home or need replacement custom sash windows as part of a renovation project, we’re the ideal choice.

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Totally bespoke sashes

The sash windows can be fully customised, so we can make them single or double glazed. We can also match any period style to conform to local planning laws.

They’re made from sustainably sourced soft and hardwood. We can undertake any sash window construction job, from one replacement sash window to making and fitting custom windows for your whole property.

Sash Window Specialist, Brighton & Hove

Highly recommended

23 years’ of recommendations thanks to our consistently high-quality carpentry and joinery work.

Professional service

Professional, bespoke carpentry and joinery in Brighton, Hove and across Sussex.

Why Choose Us

Can you provide custom sash windows?

One of our specialities is making fully-bespoke sash windows for both residential and commercial premises. We can work to your exact requirements and make beautiful wooden sashes that are either single or double glazed.

What type of wood do you use?

We craft our sashes using either soft or hardwood – the choice is yours.

Do you have knowledge of local planning laws?

We’ve been constructing sash windows across Brighton, Hove & Sussex for 23 years and have in-depth knowledge of the local planning laws. You can rely on us to make sure that you are fully respecting these laws, while having your premises adorned with beautiful sash windows.

How do I get a free quotation?

Please contact our friendly team via our website to get your free quotation for any sash window construction jobs across Brighton, Hove & Sussex.

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