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Sash window renovation in Brighton, Hove and Sussex

One of the most distinctive features of the Brighton & Hove area is the sash windows that adorn period residential and commercial buildings. Sash windows often need renovation to provide the best thermal efficiency, reduce outside noise and look their best.

We’re experts at renovating sash windows and provide full sash window renovation services in Brighton & Hove and across the whole of Sussex.

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Sash window specialists

As sash window specialists, we can fully restore your sash windows to their former glory. We can even make them more efficient by adding extra draught proofing and double-glazed units. This helps achieve better energy efficiency in your home or commercial building. We can renovate your sash windows using the existing frames.

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Professional, bespoke carpentry and joinery in Brighton, Hove and across Sussex.

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Do you provide full sash window renovation?

One of our areas of expertise is the full renovation of sash windows and ensuring that they are looking their best. We also make them more efficient by adding double-glazing and draught proofing.

Can you use the existing frames?

If you wish to keep your existing frames then that’s no problem, our team of sash window experts are able to fully repair and restore them to their best using the existing frames.

Why should I choose ABC Carpentry & Joinery?

We’ve been renovating and repairing sash windows across Brighton, Hove and Sussex for 23 years for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of sash window experts have a great attention to detail and have proudly restored sashes to their former glory across the city and county.

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Please contact us via our website to get your free quotation for any sash window repair and restoration work across Brighton, Hove & Sussex.

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